Manuals WANTED

MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS PARAGRAPH AND THE SCROLLING TEXT BELOW BEFORE PLACING YOUR FREE ADVERT. If you cannot find your manual then please email Instruction Manuals UK and a free wanted advert will be added to this page. Please state the type of product(e.g. printer microwave etc) and the make and model and put your email address in the body of your email otherwise the ad won't appear. If you do get your manual then please don't forget to email again to have your advert removed from this page.Don't worry either if the category of product you want a manual for isn't listed as a new category will appear if it isn't already here.

YOUR FREE ADVERT WILL USUALLY APPEAR ON THIS PAGE THE DAY AFTER YOU SEND IT .... IF YOU DO MANAGE TO GET YOUR MANUAL I WOULD BE GRATEFUL IF YOU COULD LET ME KNOW HOW YOU GOT IT SO I CAN ADD THE INFORMATION TO THE SITE AND SUBSEQUENT VISITORS WILL BE ABLE TO OBTAIN THE SAME MANUAL ... THANKS...........Please also be aware that once an email address appears on a webpage it will come to the attention of spammers and you may well recieve junk emails as a result, please use an email address that isn't you main one if possible.......always scan files you receive via email with an up to date virus checker before opening them........



This page was last updated on May 26, 2012