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PLEASE NOTE THIS OFFER APPLIES ONLY TO UNITED KINGDOM RESIDENTS BECAUSE THE EXTRA POSTAGE COSTS OVERSEAS MAKE IT UNVIABLE.PLEASE ALSO NOTE HAYNES CAR MANUALS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED AS POSTAGE COSTS MAKE IT UNVIABLE. If you have a quick hunt around your house, looking in the loft and in that drawer you will quite probably find one or more old instruction manuals for products that you no longer own ( most people when they throw away a broken product, such as an old video recorder, don't think to throw away the manual at the same time). If you can find any decent old manuals then if you send it/them in I will gladly give you a discount on the manual you want or if you have a few manuals then I'll give it to you for free. This is mutually beneficial as you get a discount by sending in something that is no of longer any use, and this also helps me to keep the site running.

If you do have any old manuals you no longer need then please fill in this feedback form and I will get back to you with a quick response.

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If you have no old manuals then the order details are back on the page where the manual appears.