Original haynes manual available.


This haynes manual is for - Honda C50 C70 and C90 1967 to 1981
Details - Haynes manual number 324 - manual is normal A4 size haynes manual(i.e twice the size shown in the picture) .The contents of this book show how to remove, dismantle, inspect, repair and replace the following: engine, clutch, primary and secondary transmission, carburation and lubricatin systems, ignition system, frame and suspension, wheels, brakes and tyres, and electrical system. Also included is routine maintenance, fault finding instructions, recommended lubricants and specifications. These manuals are based on a complete strip-down and rebuild
models covered -
C50 1967-77
C50Z2 1977-79
C50 ZZ 1979-81
C50L 1980-81
C70 1972 -77
C70 Z2 1977-1979
C70 ZZ 1979-81
C90 1067-77
C90 Z2 1978-9
C90 ZZ 1979-81
Condition of manual(s) - Good
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